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Mission Statement

The "IMatter" Project reflects the vitality and strength of communities through the beauty and promise of its people in images and words.

The community art campaign celebrates the sanctity and self-worth of diverse community members while instilling a sense of dignity, hope and promise. The captivating program uses public media to entice and engage people in conversations regarding the challenges people face today, irrespective of race, age, sexual orientation, gender, or socioeconomics.


The “IMatter” Project features Rob Goldman’s compelling photographic portraits accompanied by uplifting statements that declare each subject’s self-worth. Irresistible faces and voices broadcast personal yet universal messages of positivity and pride through larger-than-life banners, billboards, audio recordings, radio broadcasts and interactive exhibits. “IMatter” Kingston specically focuses on women’s empowerment.


The project encourages people to curb assumptions and prejudices, and invites them to “meet” community members beyond their circumstances. We bring together the forces and faces of communities with an enticing platform that unites governmental, civic, educational, corporate and philanthropic forces to foster positive change.

Our History

The "IMatter" Project launched in Northport, New York in 2013 where images of local youth and their "IMatter" statements filled the windows of the Northport Public Library. Since then, the "IMatter" Project has been successfully implemented in a variety of public venues including colleges, libraries, civic associations, public schools and the Raymond J. Lesniak Recovery Recovery High School in New Jersey. The project is currently being implemented as a city-wide campaign in New Haven, Connecticut. 

Photos by Rob Goldman

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Founder & Director - Rob Goldman 

Rob Goldman is an internationally published photographer, community-engaged artist, educator, author and speaker. His work weaves aspects of art, education and social action to foster personal and professional growth while building community. 

For over 30 years Rob's photographs have been celebrated in gallery exhibitions and national magazines including: Cosmopolitan, Time, Brides and Mademoiselle, and have appeared in ads for Club Med, Microsoft, AT&T, Marriott and Seagrams. He is the author of Shooting From The Heart: Creating Passion & Purpose in Your Life and Work. Rob's message is simple: "The world doesn't change, we do. Positive change requires listening to the voices in our hearts that guide us to toward our true selves and our true purpose."

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Key Community Sponsors

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Other Sponsors: 

Roz & Jerry Meyer • Pepe's Pizza • New Haven Fire Department • New Haven Sign Company • Henry Lord

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